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  • Big Web Operations Turn to Tiny Chips –

    Stephen O’Grady, a founder at the technology analyst company RedMonk, said the technology industry often has swung back and forth between more standard computing systems and specialized gear. via Big Web Operations Turn to Tiny Chips – A little tip of the hat to Andrew Feldman, CEO of SeaMicro the startup company that announced […]


  • Intel linked with HPC boost buy • The Register

    Larabee is the code name for an Intel graphics card/chipset that was designed to compete against nVidia and AMD. One side benefit would be it could be used as a co-processor to accelerate software algorithms on desktop computers like nVidia’s CUDA architecture or Apple’s OpenCL. Sadly the only market left for Larabee might be High Performance Computing and even that doesn’t look so good.

  • Intel Gets Graphic with Chip Delay – Bits Blog –

    Intel’s executives were quite brash when talking about Larrabee even though most of its public appearances were made on PowerPoint slides. They said that Larrabee would roar onto the scene and outperform competing products. via Intel Gets Graphic with Chip Delay – Bits Blog – And so now finally the NY Times nails the […]

  • iTunes U: The Beginning

    iTunes U is an interesting example of an object oriented database and a web service that accepts SQL-ish commands through HTTP PUT of XML files. What more could a nerd ask for?

  • New Intel Flash drives coming soon

    Intel is finally going to ramp up it’s newest production lines to include Flash memory chips, thereby shrinking the design rules down to 34nm. Density of the new Flash memory chips is going to allow even larger Solid State Drives (SSD) and in some cases the prices may be less for the newer drives than […]

  • PowerVR maker – Imagination Inc.

    Intel and Apple are making big bets on the mobile graphics market. Look at the percentage of ownership they both have in the company called Imagination. They make the graphics core used in the iPhone and the Palm Pre. Intel has yet to use the PowerVR architecture in any products

  • Intel ready to launch new 34nm SSDs?

    Between Toshiba’s ultra flat, stacked Flash chip running on the new Apple iPhone and this announcement from Intel, things are heating up. Hopefully this will help erode the prices of ‘normal’ or ‘practical’ sized SSDs.

  • vReveal uses GPU to accelerate video fixes

    vReveal is trying to take advantage of nVidia GPUs to clean up poorly shot video in the consumer/video sharing market. Accelerating video processing is always going to be a killer app for anyone trying to leverage a PC with a beefy GPU available.

  • Patriot Torqx Vs. Intel

    Now that Windows 7 will support the TRIM command on SSD disk controllers, the defragmentation slow down will go away. But what else is there in store for suffering SSD owners? Well maybe the disk controllers need to be re-architected too. Enter Indilinx in the Patriot Torqx SSD

  • AnandTech: AVIVO Video Converter

    ATI Avivo is not ready for prime time. But you should read the Anandtech review all the same to see why. Maybe it can be revved and turned into something comparable to nVidia’s own GPU acceleration efforts.