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  • AppleInsider | Google to bring free turn-by-turn navigation to Apple iPhone (NOT)

    MacUser interviewed Google officials at a press conference in London, England. In an odd uncoordinated set of announcements it first appeared true, then later in the day flatly denied that Apple would be getting Google Maps for the iPhone. Unfortunately even places like Slashdot with its board of editors and vetters even got this article up before the denial. So what’s up, with Google and Google Maps on the iPhone? Read On:

  • Google Chrome bookmark sync

    Anyone who downloaded and installed the old Google Browser sync plug-in for Mozilla back in the day enjoyed a wonderful cross-platform way of keeping bookmarks up to date on all the computers they use. I have seen Browser Sync come, then go. Now Google has a web browser, Chrome which has at long last restored the old functionality of Browser Sync.

  • Some people are finding Google Wave useful

    I’m not hating on Google Wave, far from it. But I’m curious how much people are adopting it for the day-to-day communications they are doing at work. What about YOU?

  • Google Shrinks Another Market (and I’m not talkin’ DNS)

    Now that Droid has hit the market and the mobile Google OS is strutting its stuff, when are we going to see the benefits of an AppStore like Universe? Early wins are going to be critical, so maybe turn-by-turn navigation is an early win?!

  • 7 Things You Should Know About Google Wave | EDUCAUSE

    What is it that Google Wave might accomplish that other web apps like Facebook/Twitter and god forbid Sharepoint don’t already do? It all depends on your workflow. Google Waves might fit or might fit not, it just depends on how quickly you adjust to the interface.

  • Tom’s Hardware – Google Invites Users to Test Wave

    Waves is slowly creeping out into the daylight, and a bigger group of users will be hammering on it soon. I hope to be one of those people, we’ll soon see.

  • Email is crap: The past is yours, the future’s mine!

    Human-Machine Interaction is one of those multi-disciplinary fields that tries to adapt things to the way people work. Whether that’s User Interfaces or physical knobs and levers or design metaphors, the goal is to make the thing more useful. When a command-line interface was the only way to make a desktop computer do useful things, the appeal was limited. Adding a graphical interface to the computer begged the question how do we structure things so people don’t need months of training to use it? Xerox PARC adopted a Desktop metaphor for the graphical environment. Things were structured like your office, with a desk, trashcan, filing cabinets. Email similarly is structured in a format that allowed people to use it without too much training, but it carries with it some legacy design decisions that benefited limitations of the earlier Internet age. Time to shift metaphors I’m afraid.

  • Google Wave – The Shape of Things to come

    There’s a lot of hype, but it looks like cloud-based applications will enter a new era when Google Waves hits the market. Lookout Sharepoint, Google’s got Waves.

  • KPBS to the Rescue

    San Diego area affected by Fire Thanks KPBS for using Google MAps to it’s maximum possible good. At a time when the federal authorities are desperately tied up with firefighting, information becomes all the more important. This was especially true for people in the middle of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, and anyone in Manhattan during […]