OCZ’s RevoDrive Preview: An Affordable PCIe SSD – AnandTech

Previously I’ve posted a lot about the Enterprise level PCIe SSD products. Most of them don’t have Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) listed anywhere on their websites. The reason being, if you have to ask how much it costs, you cannot afford it. That is the Enterprise Market, that’s how they roll. But for the rest of us, me in particular, having an option other than simply dropping in an SSD to a desktop machine is attractive. Especially if it is a higher performance option. So what would a Consumer Level PCIe SSD cost?


Seagate, Toshiba to Make SSD + HDD Hybrid?

We saw a quick and unceremonious demise to Microsoft’s ReadyBoost and ReadyDrive technology released at the dawn of the Vista era. Flash caches on the motherboard or worse yet, reusing a Flash memory stick as a disk cache never caught on. But now Seagate’s revisiting the idea of a hybrid hard drive by marrying an SSD and HDD into one logical disk. Is it as fast as an SSD? Is it cheaper than an SSD? Let’s take a look.

PCIe based Flash caches

A chain of press releases from Flash memory product manufacturers has led me to an interesting conclusion. We already have Flash caches in the datacenter. How soon will they be on the desktop? Intel’s SpeedBoost cache was a joke compared to Fusion-io’s PCI cards. What might happen if every computer had no disk drive, but used a really high speed Flash memory cache instead?

Which way the wind blows: Flash Memory in the Data Center

There are some new markets in Flash solid state disks opening up at the Enterprise storage level. But who and what can we expect? STEC was the darling last year. Fusion-io the darling this year. Next year? LSI? Micron?

64GBytes is the new normal (game change on the way)

Flash memory is tearing up the charts these days with new form factors and sizes being announced at least once a year. And the bleeding edge consumer of those new modules is usually Apple. But new video cameras have adopted the new memory modules as the SDXC memory card format. So 64GB is going to be standard real soon now for both the iPhone and for camera manufacturers I think.

New Intel Flash drives coming soon

Intel is finally going to ramp up it’s newest production lines to include Flash memory chips, thereby shrinking the design rules down to 34nm. Density of the new Flash memory chips is going to allow even larger Solid State Drives (SSD) and in some cases the prices may be less for the newer drives than […]