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  • OCZ sells out to Toshiba (it’s been good to know yuh’)

    http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/12/03/toshiba_buys_ocz/ Seems like it was only two years ago when OCZ bought out memory controller and intellectual property (IP) holder Indilinx for it’s own branded SSD products. At the time everyone was buying SandForce memory controllers to keep up with the Joneses. Speed-wise and performance-wise SandForce was king. But with so many competitors about using […]


  • Toshiba unwraps 24nm flash memory in possible iPhone 5 clue | Electronista

    Everyone wants to know when the next iPhone is coming out. And manufacturers of components that typically go into making an iPhone continue to do research and development on their components to make them more attractive to the high end manufacturers. Apple is very demanding and rewarding when it comes to Flash memory production. They command more product volume than any manufacturer out there. But in spite of all this activity what’s been happening with each new revision of the Flash memory production lines.

  • Toshiba rolls out 220GB-Could the iPod Classic see a refresh?

    I still think the iPod Classic is a very useful product. A lot of fanbois of the iPhone/Touch persuasion will demand Apple drop the Classic like a hot potato and go without spinning hard drives one and for all time. I say bring on the HDDs. It’s useful technology and still holds more files for less money even as Flash memory prices come down and volume production ramps up.

  • 64GBytes is the new normal (game change on the way)

    Flash memory is tearing up the charts these days with new form factors and sizes being announced at least once a year. And the bleeding edge consumer of those new modules is usually Apple. But new video cameras have adopted the new memory modules as the SDXC memory card format. So 64GB is going to be standard real soon now for both the iPhone and for camera manufacturers I think.

  • Toshiba Announces World’s Largest SD Card – Gadgetwise Blog – NYTimes.com

    Memory card formats have been a moving target, and as a result have tended to shape the devices that adopted certain formats. In cases like the Sony memory cards, it’s been a way to monopolize the accessory sales market for their devices. But the SD card format at least has been just about agnostic in terms of platform support. Now there’s a new SD card format, hopefully it won’t upset the boat.

  • Toshiba 3D flash chip

    One may ask themselves how is it Flash Memory densities are getting so high? The iPhone now uses a single 32GB Flash chip from Toshiba. In the past it would have taken a minimum of 4 chips to reach that amount of storage. The answer is they stack the chips one on top of the other, read more inside:

  • iPhone ships w/Toshiba 32GB flash memory

    Going back a few weeks I dug up this article about Toshiba’s groundbreaking 32nm/32GB stacked flash memory module. Toshiba on Monday revealed that it has started shipping its 32 nanometer NAND flash memory ahead of schedule. Originally planned for the fall, the higher-density storage is already being sampled today and should be in mass production […]