Sebastian Thrun and Udacity

Sebastian Thrun
Sebastian Thrun (Photo credit: novas0x2a)

Sebastian Thrun and Udacity

MOOCs may not be the future of higher education. But they will be the future of Corporate Training. You can bet money on that. In fact money IS being bet on that right now. Udacity has gone from attempting to create a higher ed paradigm shifting option to a more conventional platform for conducting training for employees of corporations willing to pay money to host on their platform.

Now that’s a change we can all believe in, as trainers and traveling, itinerant consultants can sit at their home base and run the sessions synchronously or asynchronously as time allows or demands change. Yes, hands on training may be the best but the best training is the one you actually can provion, pay for and get people to attend. Otherwise, it’s all an exercise in human potential waiting to be tapped, but at times more often opportunities lost outright. Just in Time training? Hardly, how about cost-effective training provided in a plentiful manner? Absolutely yes.

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