John Carmack – Oculus Rift two great tastes…

Oculus Rift VR screen view
Oculus Rift VR screen view (Photo credit: tribehut)

id Software has formally announced Carmack has left the building. Prior to this week he was on a sabbatical from id, doing consulting/advisory work for the folks putting the Oculus Rift together. Work being done now is to improve the speed of the refresh on the video screens. That’s really the last biggest hurdle to jump prior to this set of VR goggles and motion sensor out on the open market. The beta units are still out there, and people are experimenting with the Oculus versions of some First Person Shooters, but the revolution is not here,… yet.

Oculus will need to pull-off some optimizations for the headset. Some outstanding are not just the refresh rate but also what display technology is going to chosen. OLED is still up for consideration over backlit LCDs, but that may be a last stand in order to solve the refresh problem. Latency in the frame rates on the video displays is causing motion sickness of the current crop of beta testers of the Oculus Rift VR headset. The amount they’re attempting to speed up is roughly 1/2 the current fastest frame refresh rate they can achieve now. Hopefully this problem can be engineered out of the next revision of the beta units.






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