Gmail Traffic Between Google Servers Now Encrypted To Thwart NSA Snooping


Today Google announced that it has enhanced encryption for its Gmail email service, bolstering security to protect customers from prying eyes, especially those of governments.

As of today, Gmail will “always use an encrypted HTTPS connection” whenever a user checks their mail, or sends a new missive. According to Google, the expanded protection will ensure that your mail is safe from being snooped on as it travels from your machine to Google’s data centers. This means you are protected regardless of what sort of network you are logged into, either a public connection or whatever else.

Perhaps even more importantly now, messages inside of the Google datacenter network will be encrypted — so as your note moves from one Gmail server to another, it will be protected.

This matters as it was revealed recently that the NSA was tapping the cables between foreign data centers of United States technology companies…

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Author: carpetbomberz

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