In Response To Google, Amazon Announces Massive Price Cuts For S3, EC2, ElastiCache, Elastic MapReduce And RDS

The game is on, and I would hope the big players hosting their big web apps (, Spotify, etc.) will benefit as much as the small guys. I doubt however it’s all that easy to host/de-host once you marry yourself to a particular cloud hosting provider. But this price competition can only be a good thing.


Amazon today announced a new round of price cuts for a number of services on its cloud platform, including its S3 storage service, EC2 cloud computing platform, ElastiCache, Elastic MapReduce and RDS cloud databases that will bring the cost of running applications on Amazon’s platform closer to the new prices Google announced earlier this week.

For the first terabyte of data, Amazon’s S3 will now charge $0.03 per gigabyte on standard storage and $0.024 for reduced redundancy storage. In addition, Amazon also cut prices for its EC2 cloud computing instances by up to 40 percent.

Users who store more than 49 terabyte of data will see price cuts, too, though for standard storage, prices never drop under the $0.026 that Google now charges after it abandoned its own storage tiers in favor of a single price.

For Amazon, these are massive price drops. For the first terabyte, the price went from $0.85 per gigabyte…

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