Shuts Down Its Streaming Service To Focus On Scrobbling

I never subscribed to as I had already bought music for the keeping and owning. Discovering and streaming were not my thing. But now Spotify has sucked all teh air outta the room and is closing up shop. I’m beginning to think now that iTunes has streaming/radio available Spotify is going to have to really kick it up a notch to stay relevant and profitable.


Music discovery company just announced that it will end its subscription radio streaming service on April 28th.

The radio service is currently available in the U.K., the U.S. and Germany with a freemium model. For $3/€3/£3, users can access radio on their phones and get an ad-free experience. The streaming service is also available in Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil, but without the free ad-supported membership. Paid users can request a refund.

After closing down the service, the company will focus on its core product, the scrobbling experience — scrobbling being sending the name of the song to in order to build a music profile. In the early days of the startup, you had to install a plugin on your computer. Now, you just have to enter your username in the Spotify settings, Sonos, Squeezebox and more. released the Scrobbler app for iOS.…

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