Microsoft Shows Off Windows 8.1 Update 1

I got the updates (as far as I know) off of that New Zealand file share about 2 weeks ago. Everything seems to be working fine where I’ve done the upgrade. It does make Win8.1 more palatable. I think now MS should just keep refining it ever quarter or so. One of these versions will be the one that people will migrate to.


As expected, Microsoft showed off Windows 8.1 Update 1 today at its Build developer conference. The raft of tweaks and new features for Microsoft’s premier platform are built to help the operating system better interact with traditional inputs.

The update will begin to roll out via Windows Update on April 8th.

Microsoft made a large, serious bet with Windows 8 on touch, dragging Windows into the world of more diverse inputs. Along the way, however, the venerable keyboard and mouse fell by the wayside in terms of ascendancy.

Also as leaked and covered, Update 1 changes how Windows 8.1 handles booting: If your device isn’t a touch-focused unit, the operating system will boot to desktop. A minor, if welcome tweak.

Other user interface changes such as pinning Metro apps to the desktop taskbar and improvements to the process of closing apps are as expected. We’ll have more later on the…

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