What’s Holding Back the All-flash Data Center?

I’ll have to read up more on this when I get the chance, always good information from the Storage Swiss weblog.

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Flash has certainly become more affordable over the past several years and we continue to see more and more storage products introduced that include flash in one form or another. But most flash implementations are hybrid in nature, requiring that the ‘right’ data be positioned in flash at the right time. This usually means caching or tiering algorithms to move that data around or simply pinning an application’s entire data set in flash while it’s being run.

There is another alternative to this complexity of worrying about which data is hot and which is cold and whether there’s enough flash capacity available at the right time; the All-Flash Array. These arrays greatly simplify this entire data management process since everything that’s stored on them is accelerated. They’re pretty much a ‘set and forget’ solution that eliminates performance problems, in most cases.

Is it really that simple?

While flash has come…

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