Jaunt wants to make virtual reality a platform for beautiful, immersive cinema

Just a sample of what’s yet to come when Oculus Rift eventually hits the market. Jaunt is developing the hardware/software required to shoot cinematic 3D movies. It is in prototype now. And it is very early days still even with the Oculus Rift VR head set. But now is the time for companies like Jaunt to stake their claim, and start up before the VR land rush occurs.


A children’s choir is circled around me, singing. Individual voices become clear and then fade away again as I turn from side to side, listening as the notes mix and blend together before disappearing into the vaulted ceiling above our heads.

The choir fades to black, reminding me of where I really am: a dark room in Palo Alto with a set of Oculus Rift goggles strapped to my head. What I just watched is akin to the most advanced home movie ever filmed. The children were not actually singing to me, but to a ball-like camera that films video and audio in 360 degrees.

Jaunt, a Palo Alto startup that revealed itself today with news of $6.8 million in venture funding, intends to use its unique camera to prove that virtual reality is not just for gaming. The company is developing an assortment of software and hardware that will allow Hollywood — and potentially anyone — to…

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