Report: NSA intercepts US-made servers heading overseas to install surveillance hooks

All is fair in love, war and for the NSA in surveillance.


According to NSA expert and former Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald’s new book, No Place to Hide, the NSA has intercepted servers and routers from U.S. manufacturers in the delivery process in order to install tracking gear.

In a Guardian excerpt from the book, which comes out tomorrow, Greenwald highlighted a June 2010 report from the NSA’s Access and Target Development department explaining how the intelligence agency installs backdoor surveillance tools on internationally bound routers, servers and other networking equipment before the items are delivered worldwide. Would-be recipients of the equipment have no idea that their items have been tampered with, because the equipment comes delivered with a factory seal.

Through the surveillance tools, Greenwald wrote that the NSA is able to access “entire networks and all their users,” and he singled out an instance in which the NSA was able to exploit and gain access to a network from a…

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