The 33 1/3 New Author Q&A: Kembrew McLeod

Kembrew McCleod on Blondie’s album Parallel Lines.


Today, we’re happy to bring you a Q&A with Kembrew McLeod, who will be writing the upcoming 33 1/3 on Blondie’s Parallel Lines !

Kembrew McLeod Communications StudiesTell us a bit about yourself in an extended author biography.

I’m a writer, documentary filmmaker, university professor, media prankster, spazz dancer, children’s music producer, and all around man of many hats. I began writing about music over two decades ago in old-school paper ’zines, and then made the transition in 1995 to online music writing in outlets like Addicted To Noise, SonicNet, and It was a new frontier, and I distinctly remember having to explain to label publicists what the Interweb was. Since then, I have published five books on popular music, copyright law, and—most recently—pranks. My writing has also has appeared in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Village Voice, Slate, Salon, SPIN and Rolling Stone. Additionally, I’ve…

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