How To Make Pizza At Home That Won’t Be Horrible

Being a fan of pizza and a loyal adherent to America’s Test Kitchen, I will be curious to read up more on this article. Always look for some tips and tricks that will cost my game a bit.


(Flyinace2000) (Flyinace2000) You’ve got all your favorite toppings assembled, the cheese is waiting to be melted and the dough is ready to go. But no matter what you do, making pizza at home can be disappointing when compared to the pies served up at restaurants. It seems so simple — so why do homemade efforts often fall so short of expectations?

Because pizza is a delicious concoction of unrivaled tastiness that sprung fully-formed from the forehead of Zeus, we wanted to get to the bottom of the difficulties facing home chefs trying to recreate restaurant pizza at home.

To do so, we went straight to the pizza pros, who say it all comes down to three basic elements of the process: Equipment, which gives restaurants a distinct advantage; the dough and ingredients both for the dough and the pizza’s toppings, which are things that everyday folks can do just…

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