Adventures in annotation

Something/Anything that is as flexible and extensible as this, in ways you cannot always imagine, that is powerful. Kudos, Bravo one and all. At the same time it reminds me a little of the Google Waves goal, of not using silo-ized message stores like Email for collaborative work. And at the same time Waves wasn’t this open, connected to the open Web. I say that because the “chatter” accompanying the Preview URL. This is going to be interesting to say the least.

Jon Udell

I just wrote my first blog post for Hypothesis, the web annotation startup I joined recently. In the post I talk about how a specific feature of the annotator — its ability to sync annotations across local and/or web-based copies of the same file — illustrates a general approach to working with copies of resources that may live in many places and answer to many names.

When I finished drafting the post I pinged Dan Whaley, founder of Hypothesis, to review it. Here’s the IRC chat transcript:


Dan: I'm annotating!

Jon: The preview URL?

Dan: :-)

I was a bit surprised. The preview URL was password-protected but annotations against it would not be, they’d show up in the public annotation stream. But hey, I’m all about transparency when appropriate, so bring it!

Over the next few minutes we traded annotations and I tweaked the post. Here’s a…

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