Aframe Puts Professional Video Editing In The Cloud

If Adobe can do something like this and keep all the files in situ on a server hard drive “somewhere” on the Internet, there’s no telling what’s possible. I waste more of my professional hours copying stuff from place to place over network connections. Keeping everything in one container and being able to edit and view from that same container, that would be incredible. That would be like giving me back 20 hours of my work week.


Aframe, the London-headquarted startup that is taking on industry giants like Avid with its cloud-based video production platform, is one step closer to founder David Peto’s vision to put professional-grade video editing in the cloud.

The company, which is backed by the likes of Octopus Investments, Eden Ventures, and Northstar Ventures, is teaming up with Adobe via its ‘Adobe Anywhere’ platform to enable broadcasters and other content producers to edit large-scale video projects “remotely and securely” via the cloud. The pay-off being that, as the cloud has done for other industries, the need to pay out for costly infrastructure and related equipment is greatly eliminated.

“We’ve been growing Aframe rapidly – think of us now as the operating system for video in the cloud – we give anyone (broadcasters, corporations etc.) one central place where they can do everything they need to do with video, no matter what stage…

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