End-user programmers are at least half of all programmers

I’ve known web designers who merely layout pages in CSS and mark up “copy” with HTML tags. In their view they are “coding” even though they are just formatting and marking up. The use of that term amongst the creative types for web, and mobile apps is a long slipperly slope. A scope creep to be sure.

Computing Ed Research – Guzdial's Take

I was intrigued to see this post during CS Ed Week from ChangeTheEquation.org. They’re revisiting the Scaffidi, Shaw, and Myers question from 2005 (mentioned in this blog post).

You may be surprised to learn that nearly DOUBLE the number of workers use computing than originally thought.  Our new research infographic shows that 7.7 million people use complex computing in their jobs — that’s 3.9 million more than the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) reports. We examined a major international dataset that looks past job titles to see what skills people actually use on the job. It turns out that the need for complex computer skills extends far beyond what the BLS currently classifies as computer occupations. Even more reason why computer science education is more critical than ever!

Source: The Hidden Half | Change the Equation

ChangeTheEquation.org is coming up with a much lower estimate…

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