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I think it’s the so-called “emphemeral” nature of ANY content that young people find attractive. But wasn’t there a breach this past year where some of the “emphemeral” content got leaked? I mean how secure is this stuff if it’s meant to be guarded or protected based on how long it’s available. This feels very much like a yik yak fashionable app that’s going to vanish unexpectedly.

Social Media @ Boston College

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.15.07 PMThis is the first part of an occasional series breaking down popular social media platforms.

Snapchat. It’s a favorite social media app for students, and one that continues to baffle those born prior to 1986. Ignore it at your peril, because this platform is now used daily by 100 million people, brands and universities. What’s the appeal? Siobhan Sullivan, BC News & Public Affairs Assistant, walks us through the basics.

Snapchat Background
Launched in 2011, Snapchat has become a place for friends to connect, meet new people and share experiences. Like all social media apps, Snapchat has been updated numerous times. First adding filters, followed by videos, texting, money transfers, geotags, stories, and now face filters.

At the most basic level, “snaps” are real-time, spontaneous pictures or videos taken and shared with friends for up to 10 seconds. By default, Snaps disappear from the screen once they are viewed – unless a friend decides…

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