Facebookistan the Movie

Facebook — one of the world’s largest advertising companies — magnanimously acknowledges that in your life on the internet, you’ve probably encountered some bad ads. And you almost certainly have, because online advertising can be obtrusive, creepy, and irritating to say the least. But Facebook thinks that they are so far ahead of the pack…

via Facebook Thinks You Love Ads So Much, It’ll Helpfully Block Your Ad-Blocker For You — Consumerist

Every time I see a news story anywhere on the web re:Facebook, I’m reminded of this movie I watched prior to de-activating my own account.

The details of this include a lawsuit filed in Europe to get Facebook to provide documentation re:How they use/sell the data of the people enrolled. That to me was such a telling behavior to skirt the issue and fight it in court. They do not want anyone to know anything about what their business is. But this story today from Consumerist is the great big reminder that you, YOU dear reader are the product that is behind the shiny thumbs up symbol.

As for me, I’m still deactivated, and contemplating a full shutdown of my account. I know from watching the YouTube video: Facebookistan they keep ALL my old data no matter what. So a fat lot of good that will do me. But for now at least, I scrubbed out all my old data. That account is now a mere dried up husk of it’s former self. Best part yet is there’s more than one person on FB with my first/last name so good luck trying to find out which person is which. I know FB doesn’t care in the long run, but anyone that stops participating on FB is tops in my book. Not just from the paranoia aspect, which is not what I’m really touting, but from the less than stellar, less than open Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle like behavior of what is promoted as Web 2.0, the replacement for the Internet. It’s no replacement, believe me. I’ll take the good ol’ Internet any day over the entry way into Prison Camp that is the Facebook login screen.






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