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Seagate is looking to break records with two enterprise SSDs they’re showing off at Flash Memory Summit this week. The first drive is one that’s been seen before: the 10GB/s PCIe x16 SSD that Seagate demonstrated in March. It has now been named the Nytro XP7200 and is scheduled for mass production in Q4. Based…

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*Nota Bene: The IOPs for read transactions for the card pictured in this article the Nytro XP7200 is 940,000 for read transactions. That’s dangerously close to what I consider the golden target of 1M IOPs achievable 10 years ago but only on hardware costing millions and millions of dollars. And then it was only achievable using benchmarking software on an experimental test rig setup by the vendor as a means of generating marketing materials. By that I mean they wanted to claim being able to hit 1M IOPs with their custom config of racks and racks of SAN disks connected via FibreChannel switches and custom accelerator boxes. All of it done in the name of marketing to Wall Street trading floors that need millisecond latencies and return times for transactions so they could do “high frequency” trading.

We’ve come a long way since then, mashing all that stuff down in to a 16-Lane PCIe 3.0 card. Truly we’re going to achieve 1M IOPs in a single PC chassis before you know it. And this is a step certainly in that direction, if only the write IOPs spec was symetrically as big. But that’s not the case here. Write IOPs is a good deal less than the 10GB/sec for the read operations. But who knows? A few more runs of new boards, redesigns, errata and bug fixes and there could be a small ramp for the write performance. I’m amazed Seagate’s got the nerve to engineer this, let’s hope they got the nerve to produce it in quantity.






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