First a wind storm, now this

The electricity was out for 5 days. We got back into the house 9:30 Monday night. Then Tuesday the Nor’Easter came and dumped record amounts on us (20 inches in one day). We got another few inches to go between now and 8pm. Cannot wait until it ends. We got to replace all the refrigerator contents we dumped after the fridge stopped last Wednesday. 







2 responses to “First a wind storm, now this”

  1. Pauline Y Avatar

    thats a pain, if the storm came before you lost the electricity then at least you could have buried all your foodstuff in the snow 😀

    1. carpetbomberz Avatar

      I think our local deer, turkey, raccoon, woodchuck population would have seen that as a great windfall for themselves. We’re not that far out as suburbs go, but the animals still very much rule the roost when we’re not watching.

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