JAL the friendly, competent skies

Besides being beat up by staff, there are other things United has missed, but Japan Airlines got very right…

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JAL is a phenomenon everyone should treat themselves to at least once in their lifetimes. I’ve flown JAL on one trip to Japan and it was fantastic. Prior to that my wife and I were loyal to NorthWest out of Detroit. Loved McNamara airport after the new terminal went in. It was beautiful clean and a joy after trying to traverse the mess of the old terminals A/B/C/D. I was so sad when Delta shut that down and threw everything to Atlanta, GA Hartsfield airport. Let’s mention that too BTW, Atlanta. Airlines all over the world have willingly bought into the sales pitch that Atlanta is 3 hours from 90% of all the people flying within the US by air. But does that justify forcing all your Japan flights to originate there? Can you imagine this for instance. Flying 4 hours south to Atlanta to then and ONLY then begin the 12 hour journey across Canada/Alaska/Japan? It’s nuts. Detroit alone took 3 hours off the first leg of our flights to Japan. Enough said about that, let’s get back to Japan Airlines (JAL).

Our closest airport with JAL flights was Toronto, so we took a puddle jumper across Lake Ontario, 45 minutes tops. Then embarking on the 12 flight in coach on the world’s best airline, JAL on the best airplane the Boeing 777. Yes, I said 777, not 787. I’ve been on both, still like the 777, the size, layout and the entertainment center options at each seat. And the staff! OMG, as Gaijinass says in his blog entry, they are cut above. Not just safety staff, but experts in the cabin morale business. They keep everything under control and moving along. No excuses, no apologies, just professionalism and honesty from sea to shining sea. The flight IS part of the vacation as far as I’m concerned when you fly on JAL.







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  1. gaijinass Avatar

    “The flight IS part of the vacation as far as I’m concerned when you fly on JAL.” Exactly.

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