Sadly, my hometown supermarket is caught in the recall

Golf balls and potatoes are both round, dimpled, and typically found on the ground. That’s about all they have in common, though, so the recall of hash browns produced by McCain Foods and sold under supermarkets’ private labels that may contain diced golf balls is still an interesting agricultural mystery. Now another retailer, northeastern chain…

via Wegmans Hash Browns Also Recalled For Possible Golf Ball Bits — Consumerist

All the brands mentioned in the  original recall on the website made me feel a little happy. None of them were brands or regional brands that I recognized. That is, until today. Wegmans is headquartered here in my small town and is a big hero locally. Nationally it is rising with a bullet. So a bit of a setback and  hopefully they will be extra cautious with their contracting and branding of 3rd party food product, like frozen hash browns and such.






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