The Odyssey Project – A Domains Origin Story — Gardner Writes

For all that follows, there’s much more to be said–but if I try to say it all, the post will never be written or shared. So let’s get started with this beginning. Recently a Twitter thread emerged on the origins of the “Domain of One’s Own” project (usually abbreviated DoOO). Jon Udell’s epic talk at…

The Odyssey Project – A Domains Origin Story — Gardner Writes

I lurvs me some Origin Stories, especially from the wild frontier prior to the rise of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Web 2.0 was really going to be a chance to set a course and follow it to a less bubble-like conclusion, exploding on it’s way up-up-up into the future. Being able to make one’s own tools seemed like a good starting point, but as is often the case you bump into the limits of time and your current ability. Luckily, as Gardner points out, hosting companies like Bluehost had attempted to automate, script, GUI-ify much of the existing tools in a way meant to lower their costs of supporting end-users. The upshot in Gardner’s eyes were these interfaces lowered the barrier to end-users actually USING these tools at a level they wouldn’t normally be allowed in a Learning Management System context. The promise was, and in some ways is STILL there. We just need more people who are better able to convince the populace they should care. And now more than ever the Kelly-Anne Conways extolling alternative facts have proven we need to care. Otherwise we do get fooled again (remember and rhyme with history like the civilizations of yore. Here’s to the future, again, we can do/learn to do, these things, or at minimum learn to CARE.






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