Computing Education Lessons Learned from the 2010’s: What I Got Wrong

I’m definitely going to lookup and read the Charisma Machine by Morgan Ames. I wasn’t aware anyone had done any review of the One Laptop Per Child project at Media Lab.

Computing Ed Research – Guzdial's Take

There’s a trend on Twitter over the last few weeks where people (especially the academics I follow) tweet about their accomplishments over the last 10 years. They write about the number of papers published, the number of PhD students graduated, and the amount of grant money they received. It’s a nice reflective activity which highlights many great things that have happened in the 2010’s.

I started this blog in June 2009, so most of it has been written in the 2010’s. The most interesting thing I find in looking back is what I got wrong. There were lots of things that I thought were true, ideas that I worked on, but I later realized were wrong. Since I use this blog as a thinking space, it’s a sign of learning that I now realize that some of that thinking was wrong. And for better or worse, here’s a permanent Internet…

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