Trials & Tribulations of DIY

No matter how hard you try it’s always a battle between you and nature to keep your house’s value from being destroyed. Unfortunate accidents abound from leaking pipes to leaking foundations, to ice dams and beyond. But don’t worry, everything that could go wrong doesn’t always go wrong. In fact human nature has a bigger role to play than mother the nature. The previous homeowners can sometimes make your life more difficult, as their myopia towards repairs will out. Pragmatism, shortcuts and conveniences collect up like layers of sediment on a river bottom slowly turning into stone.

Here are some accounts of what you are looking forward to when you decide to make the biggest investment in your whole life, the home purchase:

Basement flood (always buy hydraulic cement)

Rot number 1 (The window sill)

Rot number 2 (The roof eave)

Peeling paint (In two locations)



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