Roof Eave Day 2

I got on the web just after 8am, sat down with the laptop and didn’t stop reading until lunch time. I discovered all kinds of relevant web pages and thoughts and ideas about how to put a roof on. I learned about ice and water shield from W.R. Grace Inc. I had seen this product on This Old House many times before. I hoped to find it when I did my final purchases at the Home Center. I also learned that matching shingles is critical and difficult. Due to color differences in batches you always mix your shingles with one another. All the websites recommended ‘weaving’ the flashing in with the shingles. That’s how my roof was installed. But I didn’t like the fact that it opened the flashing to ice dams much more than having it nailed right to the roof deck. I went to the Lowes and Home Depot websites looking for tools and materials. I hesitated to go out and buy anything until I had done all my reading first. Again in retrospect I should have just jumped in after a quick assessment of what I needed. I worried about the crowds at the stores on Memorial Day. I wanted to avoid them as much as possible while I figured things out at my own pace. So I stayed away and continued reading web pages.



Thoughts? Questions? Feel free to respond…

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