Rot #2: The Roof Eave

Prologue: What you don’t know will slow you down

Once I actually started work, things went painfully slowly. But the biggest problem was always trying to get away with doing as little as possible, then finally giving in and doing things the ‘right’ way.

Day 1: You dip your toe, then fall face first into the deepest mud. Then your boot gets stuck.

Day 2: Take a break. And start reading up on how to fix a roof.

Days 3-4-5-6: Work like mad

A fighting retreat: How do you keep the rain from pouring in?

Healing Time: Whew! Going back to work is a godsend.

Softly, softly on tenter hooks I sit: When am I going to finish? What order do I need to do things?

Gotterdamerung: Twilight of the Roof Eave, it’s like the end of the War of Standing on Ladders



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