Almost done with the roof

Mopping up is hard to do. You have paint and finish. You need to set nails and putty them over. You need to trim out joints to hide nails and make things weather tight. I need to move the dryer vent. The vent was another big culprit in the roof rot episode. I suspect the moisture and heat from the vent helped speed the demise of the roof eave. No doubt the ants enjoyed the warmth through the winter. I’m still trying to design a way of redirecting that thing. For now a 4 foot long extension might prove the quickest solution. But how to suspend 4ft. of 4″ vent? I’ve looked at one possibility. I was going to attach a 5/4 board to the roof and let it drop down to the cement pad that the sun room sits on. I could put in some anchors to hold the 5/4 board from below and nothing could shift that thing. My only concern is moisture again, this time at the top where the board would touch the roof. A z-channel molding might prove to be the best option with a bit of cedar shingles nailed all around. This part of the work is still very much in flux right now.

I also need to look at a downspout for a bit of gutter on the garage. One end of it is not flowing like it should. I need to put another spout on the opposite end and just let it drain out onto the open ground or possibly I could tie it into the current downspout. But that’s going to take a lot more work than just letting it flow out and run wild. Realistically just letting it flow out away from the garage looks like the best option.

I also need to put two patches in on the roof where shingles ripped and broke. I had so little roof cement left I had to partially fix one of them. Both of them need a 6 inch wide bit of new shingle nailed and glued in on top. That will insure they aren’t the source of new roof leaks. I do need to make a trip to the home center and get another tube of roof cement that’s for sure.

Consider our Sun room. It is now a few years since I last saw it leaking over one of the sliding doors. But where else are there ice dams? I need to look at every roof eave now as if it might be harboring a leak. I would love to install soffit around the house now that I’ve done it on this short section of roof. I think a Sawzall would be more than adequate for the job. A circular saw is far too heavy to hold up and drag along. At least a Sawzall has the right orientation. Purchasing a Sawzall would force me to take on this project in a big way. I would also want to install the roof eave insulation vents. Given our attic crawlspace is so heavily insulated venting would proved the little bonus of making a clear path for cold air between the soffit, the underside of the eave and the attic crawlspace. Still considering that as a longer term goal.



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