Work like mad, run, run, run

Slow start on Tuesday: I dreaded going to the Home Center so much I put it off until around 9:30am. I go there and shopped until about 11:30. I had more wood than I thought I would ever use. I bought all the demolition tools I could ever want or need as well. I got a giant crow bar to pull 16 penny nails out of any board. I got a Stanley Wonder Bar and a smaller ‘cats paw’ style nail puller (which was my go-to tool throughout). I got a hard hat (which came in handy) and a bundle of shingles (probably should have bought more). But all in all I accounted for everything I could have needed. I got roof cement, silicone and adhesive caulk tubes. I got nails of different lengths and styles. I bought a hugely expensive box of 3″ screws (I didn’t really use them a whole lot). Total expenditure was around $258.

I ate lunch and started peeling up the shingles. I was going to cut flush to row number 6. What complicated matters more than anything as the vent stack that the electricity service used. And it was the bane of my existence for the next two days. I didn’t want to touch it. I thought it was too dangerous to work around. I stayed away.



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