From Tom’s Hardware:Qualcomm Debuts 10nm FinFET Centriq 2400 Processor With 48 Cores

Qualcomm announced today that it has already begun sampling of its first 10nm 48-core server processor.

Source: Qualcomm Debuts 10nm FinFET Centriq 2400 Processor With 48 Cores

Very interesting announcement from mobile phone cpu designer Qualcomm. They’ve been a licensee of ARM designs for quite some time. I didn’t know they had server CPUs in development. So this by itself was a discovery and revelation. But to find out they are working on a 10nm 48 core chip is quite something indeed. Given it’s architecture, I’m guessing it’s target at Linux based OSes primarily and rack servers particularly. The kind that would fill acres and acres of space at Facebook or It will intresting to see any customers for this pop-up now that its available. No doubt sample chips are out in all the data center R&D lab facilities at the again, places like Facebook and






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